Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

Hi Friends!

Boy-Howdy!  We had so much fun at Amy and Bob's on New Year's Eve!  We ate at her taco bar (Ole!), drank yummy Margaritas, did a totally fun gift exchange (can you tell how much Andrew loved his Angry Bird bandaids?), and played "Wit & Wagers".  Have you ever played Wit & Wagers?  It's super-fun and a little bit addicting--I think we played about 6 rounds.  : )  We even managed to stay out past midnight! 

There's nothing like starting the New Year out with good friends!

Thanks for the memories, Amy and Bob!



PS How funny is that picture of Fluffy?  : )

PPS  I love those Peace candles!  Amy made them!

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