Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, THAT never happens in real life!

Well, Hello Friends!

I am back home lapping up the hugs from John and my kiddos and trying not to step on the 85lb. dog who has been completely glued to my side since I stepped in the door last night.  Sometimes it is good to know you've been missed.  : )

I left mom and dad late Saturday morning to head over to a previously-scheduled overnight with my sister, Christy.  The big plan was we were going to knock out her "Save the Date" cards, choose flower girl dresses, re-vamp the guest list, finalize the shower dates and stop by the bridal boutique to check on the changes they are making to her wedding gown.  It was a long to-do list.  Needless-to-say, after the week's excitement with Mom's surgery, we didn't go into our weekend with the same spirit we had anticipated.  Christy treated me to a pedi and massage to thank me for coming down to help Mom (Yes.  She is the greatest sister, ever).  Afterwards, I suggested we head down to the bridal salon to check on her dress.  She didn't feel like going.  We both kind of just wanted to pick up some sushi and head back to her couch and snuggle under a blanket together.  However, I knew that she needed to stop by the salon and I knew she wanted me to go there with her.  So I forced her to go. 

The salon was super-busy when we arrived.  Christy's consultant, Brianna, was with another client, and there were brides all over the place.  The receptionist got Brianna to come up front and after hugs and kisses, Brianna told Christy she didn't have an answer to her question.  She said she did have something to make up for that, though;  the designer of Christy's gown was actually in the store that day, and Brianna brought him over for introductions.  He was everything you'd expect a wedding gown designer to be:  exquisitely-mannered, and exquisitely-dressed (complete with natty bow tie).  He fawned over Christy and told her he would go back and sketch her dress for her. 

Within 10 minutes, he returned with a gorgeous rendition of Christy's gown, custom adjustments and all, signed and dated.  She's going to frame it.  She still doesn't have an answer to her question, but she does have a beautiful signed piece of art. 



PS  Of course, the picture above is not Christy's dress (it's Kate Middleton's), but you better believe that after the wedding I will be posting a picture of that gorgeous sketch!

PPS  Please keep those thoughts and prayers coming for my mom as she continues to heal.

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