Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Tuesday

1.  I do not like the way lipstick feels on my lips.
2.  I look better when I wear lipstick.
3.  My sister never goes out of the house without lipstick.
4.  I hardly ever go out of the house with lipstick on.
5.  I never leave the house without perfume.
6.  I can get completely ready to leave the house in under 30 minutes.
7.  I love nightgowns.
8.  I can't sleep with socks on.
9.  John wishes I would let him sleep with socks on.
10.  The alarm clock is on John's side of the bed.
11.  Sometimes I get up earlier than John.
12.  John will hit the snooze for me if I ask him to.
13.  I would be really mad if the situation was reversed and John was asking me to hit the snooze. 
14.  John is a nice guy.
15.  I have been to 7/7 boot camp and strength and resistance classes in 2012.
16.  John has been in Peru for 6 of those workouts.
17.  I have had to hit the snooze for myself.
18.  I like it better when he does it for me.
19.  The best part of John being gone is that I don't have to worry about turning my pages quietly.
20.  John lets me read in bed with the light on.
21.  The only time he gets mad is if I turn my pages loudly and wake him up.
22.  Sometimes I accidentally turn a page too loudly and wake John up.
23.  The first time I do it, he doesn't get mad.
24.  The second time I do it, he makes me turn off the light and go to bed.
25.  I try to be very careful with my page-turning.
26.  Especially if I'm reading a good book.
27.  I feel pretty lucky that I have a husband who can sleep with the light on.
28.  There's nothing that makes John more mad than when he steps in water with his socks on.
29.  There's nothing that makes me more mad than when I open a cabinet and something falls out on me.
30. The other day a beer bottle flew out of the refrigerator and banged into my shin.
31.  It hurt like a banshee.
32.  John was just glad the beer bottle didn't break.
33.  The beer is now pushed to the back of the fridge.
34.  One time a yogurt came flying out at me.
35.  It splattered all over the kitchen.
36.  Buster was thrilled.
37.  Buster loves yogurt.
38.  The only time Buster is naughty is when there is a yogurt container in the garbage.
39.  Buster has been known to gently remove upwards of 17 items and stack them on the floor in order to get to an empty yogurt container.
40.  Buster knows digging in the garbage to find a yogurt container is naughty.
41.  He will put himself in a timeout downstairs afterwards.
42.  He thinks a timeout is totally worth it, especially if the yogurt was cherry.
43.  Buster loves it when I bake.
44.  Buster can not tell the difference between flour and powdered sugar.
45.  He is always disappointed and vaguely miffed at me when I accidentally spill flour instead of powdered sugar.
46.  When I spill flour I always tell him he won't like it.
47.  He never takes my word for it.
48.  I can't believe I made it to #48.
49.  I've run out of things to be random about.
50.  I hope you have a fabulous day!




  1. Great list! I found a new lipstick that I love because it is a lip stain. So it basically feels like your real lips, but with color. It is by Revlon. Also has a clear chapstick you can apply through out the day. Bonus!