Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recipe for a Perfect 14th Birthday

Start with one perfectly-crisp homemade waffle (syrup and whip cream optional)

Add one delicious Tall Vanilla Chai Tea Latte:

Hop in the car

and head to your *very favorite* little shop:
Look at all the colorful bobbles
and vintage goodies
including these fabulous bags (I want one!)

Try on a couple of gorgeous hats

Spend a few minutes loving these Little People necklaces:

And this cute little ring:
Take the fabulous birthday girl and her delightful sister across the street for yummy sandwiches
Enjoy the heck out of your tuna and cheddar

Spend the whole rest of the afternoon visiting other fabulous local shops
Enjoy looking at all the homemade goodness

Grab up your brother (who was at a sleepover), and head out for a birthday fiesta:

Practice your Spanish 2 skills on the waiter and laugh, laugh, laugh.
Roll your eyes at your mom as she pretends to speak Spanish.

Make one more quick stop before heading home:

Mix everything together. 
Add a whole big bunch of laughter. 
Finish the night by watching a movie together snuggled under your favorite fuzzy blanket.

Birthday perfection!

Happy 14th Birthday, Maddie. 
You are my *very favorite* middle girl in the whole, wide world. 
I am so glad you were born.
I love, love, love being your mom!



PS:  What you didn't see--gift opening or a birthday cake.  Because we didn't do that.  Maddie wants to wait until John gets back in town to do that part.  Isn't she awesome? 


  1. Ok.... this is birthday perfection in all it's glory!!!! You ROCK mama ****
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend my sweet!

  2. OMG...this is my perfect day and I am 35! I really hope I am half the mama that you are. You have such creativity for your kids! PS. Thanks for well wishes on my happy news!