Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Incomplete List of Things I Cannot Do

An Incomplete List of Things I Cannot Do:

1.  Any math that involves parenthesis, more than one letter, or fractions, except in relation to baking; I'm pretty good with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 2/3.
2.  Operate anything that requires the use of more than one remote control.
3.  Change a flat tire.
4.   Read a map. Or fold a map.
5.  Use a sewing machine.
6.  Pass up on a bet with Karen.
7.  Do a French braid.
8.  Do that really cool whistle that requires fingers.
9.  Pull-ups.
10.  Root for Michigan.
11.  Read more than one book at a time.
12. Bowl (I gave it the old college try...)
13.  Use the grill.
14.  Roll up a hose.  Or Christmas lights.
15.  Taxes.
16.  Keep the budget in my head.
17.  Follow directions that involve the words "north," "south," "east," or "west".
18.  Clean a mirror.
19.  Cut the grass.
20.  Say "No" to Buster.
That was fun!  What's on your list?



PS This post was completely inspired by this list over on Turning Pages.


  1. Ha! This is cute. Made me think of the things I can not do. I may just have to blog me a list as well. This could be fun. Not to mention, telling on myself.

  2. Oh my word!!! This is GREAT!!!!!!!!! I am completely with you on almost all of these!!! I love it!