Friday, February 3, 2012

Vintage Valentines

I love, love, love the vintage Valentines:  the graphics, the colors, the sweet sayings. Sigh. To me, they just represent all the goodness of the past. Nowadays, kids send Valentines that feature TV characters or teen pop stars. Nice choices. Too bad they don’t make ones that look like the one above anymore.
Of course, I’m not sure how this naked child card would go over today:
That thing sticking out of his bum is a lever that makes the little boy’s leg go up and down. Not sure what that’s all about. I’m pretty sure giving someone that card today would result in a trip to the principal’s office.
This card appeals to my corny side:
This one is one of my favorites:
I find myself reading it out loud over and over again. Ja! Dots Me!

Back in the day, this one would have been my all-time favorite:

And for sure I’d have sent this one to the special boy I had a crush on (it even had glitter!):

I love flipping over these old Valentines and seeing who they were to and from:

Is it just me, or did Delores already have old lady handwriting in grammar school? : )

I have been searching Pinterest for cool handmade Valentines for Jack to give out.  I think this is the very last time any of my kids will be exchanging Valentines as school (sadness!).  Last year I made these for Jack to pass out:
 This year he wants to give out these:

From sweet owls to dynamite--guess that's a 5th grade boy for you!  : )

Have a sweet day!



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  1. I love vintage stuff!!!!!
    For darn cute!!!
    Enjoy your FRIDAY afternoon!!!!