Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With Love, From Russia

Hi Friends,

As promised, here are a few snapshots of the *adorable* nesting dolls John brought us back from Russia.
I loved each one so much, it was hard to decide which one to keep, and which ones to give away.  We ended up giving Amy this beauty:

There is something mysterious about her eyes, isn't there?  Emily chose the one with the strawberries, and Maddie picked the one wearing the blue kerchief.  I kept the tall, blond one.  I think my favorite out of all of them might be the one he picked out for Jack:

Mrs. Claus lives inside Santa, and a chicken lives inside Mrs. Claus.  There is a golden egg living inside the chicken.  Love it!

And speaking of love, Happy Valentine's Day!  Do you have any special plans?  I'm pretty sure we're going to just hang out here and eat chocolates!  Yum! 

Have a sweet day!




  1. Ohhhhh I love them!!!! :) We had a very old set at my granny's and my nephew called it a "Girl inside a Girl" :) CRACKS ME UP to this day!!!!
    Just home from a pizza supper out with my little fam! <3 A perfect Valentine's Day DATE!
    Much love sweetie,

  2. So sweet! Impressive. My sisters and I each had a set when we were little- 5 daughters, 5 dolls. Loved 'em! The little chubby guy in the last pic is too cute.