Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What She Carries With Her

Hi Friends!

When I got home from the gym this morning I found this note from Emily on the kitchen counter:
Emily went to workout at the Y this morning, too, so I offered to drop her stuff off at the high school before I took Maddie over to the middle school.  Here's Emily's pile of stuff:
 The backpack, alone, weighs 40 lbs.  I kid you not.
Then she had her French Horn (private lesson last night), and her mellophone (pep band performance last night), which add another good 50 lbs:
She also had a box of candy bars she's selling for the drama club trip to Chicago (I love that she decorated the box with fun polka dots):
I couldn't resist taking a picture of her pile.  Her backpack, alone, tells her story:
Fun, colorful buttons, and a handy bottle of hand sanitizer:
"Sisters" rings from swim season tied on with a fun ribbon:
And her ever-present water bottle tucked in a side pocket (the girl looooves water!):

It took me three trips to get everything out to the car.  When we met at the high school, she just whipped that backpack up on her shoulders, grabbed an instrument and her music folder in one hand, and another instrument and the fundraiser candy in the other, and headed into school:  no big deal.

I'm pretty sure she got her weight-lifting in for today.  : )



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  1. Ohhhh this is SOOOO GREAT!!! I can remember carrying everything but the kitchen sink down those school hallways :) like it was no big thang at all!!!! What a champ :)
    Happy Wednesday Mama.... is it sunny there???
    It is ABSOLUTELY beautiful here!
    P.S. Have you worn your earrings yet??