Monday, February 6, 2012

Russian Nesting Dolls

1.  John is officially on the other side of the world today.
2.  Kimberly-Clark flew him to Russia for 3 days.
3.  I wonder how much a ticket to Russia costs?
4.  He must be super important if they had to fly him all the way to Russia for just 3 days.
5.  Amy asked me if John would mind bringing her back a set of Russian nesting dolls.
6.  John made a face when I asked him.
7.  Not because he doesn't like Amy.  He does.
8.  He just doesn't believe in spending money on silly things.
9.  He thinks nesting dolls are silly.
10.  I showed him the picture above for an example of what to bring back for Amy.
11.  I liked them so much, I asked him to buy me a similar set.
12.  He told me to just go ahead and order 2 sets off the Internet.
13.  Really.
14.  I told him that wasn't the same thing.
15.  The fact that he doesn't understand that that is not the same thing is one of the biggest differences between John and I.
16.  I told him the kids would probably like their own sets, too.
17.  Now he's up to 5 sets of Russian nesting dolls.
18.  It will be interesting to see if any Russian nesting dolls come home in his suitcase.
19.  John:  if you're reading this, please know I am serious about wanting a set of nesting dolls from Russia.
20.  Preferably a cute set like the one above.
21.  I already checked, and the set above is sold out.
22.  So I can't order them on-line.
23.  I also told him he should get one of those big, furry hats.
24.  I thought it would keep his head extra-warm.
25.  He told me he already has a hat.
26.  Sigh.



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