Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventures in Madison

 Hi Friends!

So today the kids and I filled up the gas tank and headed over to Madison.  I do declare that Madison, Wisconsin is one of my *very favorite* places in the whole, wide world.  It's filled with small businesses, little pubs and fun, open-minded people.  I would move there in a heartbeat.  Emily is seriously considering UW-Madison for her undergraduate degree and I'm secretly keeping my fingers crossed that she ends up there.
 Madison is one of those fabulous cities that is both the state capital and the home of the biggest university in the state. (Exactly like Austin, Texas, which is another of my *very favorite* cities).
 Every time I've gone to Madison, and I mean every single time, I've enjoyed myself.  And today was no different.  We didn't have an agenda at all--we just wandered down State Street and took in the sites.
 We stopped when we felt like it and peeked in some shops. 

 We didn't buy much at all.  In fact, the big purchase of the day was a key chain for Jack that looks and sounds like a laser gun when you squeeze it's tiny trigger.  I bought myself a key chain that looks and sounds like a camera when you push a tiny button.
 After we were done on State Street, we headed over to Ellas, a restaurant we all totally love.

 Ellas is packed-to-the-gills with vintage toys.  They hang from the ceiling and line the walls.  Every square inch of Ella's is involved in one way or another with the vintage toys.
Then it was time to hop back in the car and head home.

And in about an hour, we get to pick John up from the airport! Hooray! The perfect end to a fabulous day!



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