Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kind of Like Goldilocks//Reading Date

 Hi Friends!

My kids and I like to go on reading dates.  We all love to read.  And sometimes, it's just better to read in public.  With a cup of tea and a cookie.  Jack got a Nook for his birthday, and he decided that we all needed to go on a reading date.  We headed over to a local coffee shop, decided on drinks, and settled in to read.
Except it was completely awful.  The coffee shop's air conditioning was out that day, and it was about 852 degrees in there.  It took about 7 minutes before we packed up and moved on.  No sense having a reading date in an uncomfortably-hot place, right?  We moved to another local shop, Aspen.  The kids and I have been there many times (mostly after swim practice), and we knew it would be a better reading date place.
 I ordered an iced tea and settled in to read.  Except, this place didn't work, either.  The cookie we ordered was...well...yucky.  I hate when you order a sweet treat and then end up with something that looks like it is stuffed with artichoke leaves and is lacking in any sugary goodness.  My crew wanted a sweet treat.  So we moved Great Harvest...
where I bought a delicious bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the kids to eat.  The cookies got rave reviews.  I sipped my tea from Aspen, and we all settled in to read.  Until we realized how uncomfortably hot it was in Great Harvest.  I think we managed to make it about 15 minutes before the kids started melting. 

At that point, we decided to head home.  Where we read together.  In the air conditioned goodness. 

It was awesome.

There's no place like home.


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