Monday, July 23, 2012

T-shirt Making Party

Hi Friends!

Last night my swimmers came over to decorate the back of their team shirts.  Do you like to play with fabric paint?  My swimmers sure do!  You wouldn't believe how intricate some of them get with their designs. 
 I bought a brand-new multi pack of fabric paints and let them create.
 Every shirt is different.  I like it that way.

 Pretty much everybody ends up putting each team member's name on the back of their shirts.
 Except for these two:
Arts and crafts is not their favorite thing.  They both painted the back of their shirts, but they both kept the paint to a minimum.
 Emily, Jordan, and Julia were not afraid of the paint:

 (Look how big my name is on the back of Jordan's shirt!!)  : )
I love our team's tradition of painting the back of our team shirts.

My swimmers are the best.




  1. Love this. They did a great job!

  2. ok so I seriously just flashed back to my childhood!! Do you remember buying iron on's for shirts and then using the paint to fill is the pictures!? I had a a whole book...I need to do t-shirts with my daughter asap ;)