Friday, July 13, 2012

Feeling Grateful

Hi Friends--

I am still feeling a little dazzled by Emily's big brain today.  But mostly what I feel is grateful.  Not grateful because she got perfect scores, but grateful that God has blessed her with the gift of intelligence.  I kid you not;  when the alarm went off this morning, the first thing I thought was, "Did I remember to thank God for the gift of Emily's intelligence before I went to bed?"  I'm usually pretty good about remembering to thank Him for blessings, but it doesn't hurt to thank Him again, right?

Emily has big plans to go to medical school.  She wants to be a pediatric oncologist.  I hope that she will use her gift of intelligence and her gift of compassion to help children and families who are struggling with cancer.  I'm not sure I could head into a field like that, but then again, I wasn't given Emily's unique set of gifts.  Emily came out of the womb with an organizer in each hand.  She has always been self-motivated.  She has always found academic success.  Don't get me wrong; she works incredibly hard, but she definitely has gifts.

I can't help but think of the verse, "For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required." -- Luke 12:48  In two years Emily will head off to college and begin her quest of becoming a doctor.  I am confident that she will use her many gifts to do good.  I just know she will.



PS  Full disclosure:  God has blessed John and I with three extremely gifted children.  Seriously, it is ridiculous how much he blessed us in the "intelligent kid" category!

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