Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Birthday Party, Ever!

 Hi Friends!

Tomorrow is Jack's 11th birthday (holy cow!), but everyone knows that Monday birthdays are the pits, so we decided to celebrate early--on Saturday.  Jack invited a few of his friends to go tubing at the lake and then spend the night.  It was, hands down, the best birthday party, ever!
 Jack and his friends got to hang out on the boat, and John and I got to, too!  (yahoo!).  Of course, no boat outing would be complete without a jump picture or two:

Here is a close up of what Jack and Carson look like when they are on the tube:
All the boys had a blast riding in pairs and bouncing off the wake, but I think they liked being all on the tube together the best:
 Obviously, Jack has done this before.  He has no fear:
 And yes, we were moving while he was standing up "surfing":
 We must have been going a little faster for this one--he's actually sitting down:
 Once the boys had enough of the lake, we headed home for pizza, bread sticks, computer games, presents, a movie, and Jack's favorite dessert, "Crowd Pleaser", which he likes way better than cake:
We woke the boys up at 9 for pancakes and sausage, and that was that!  A perfect birthday party for our very favorite 11-year-old!

Tomorrow Jack is joining the girls and I on the swim team's trip to Noah's Ark.  I'm pretty sure he'll have all kinds of fun on his real birthday, too!



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