Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Life Update//July 16-22

 Hi Friends,

I'm back on schedule, and I'm still loving the whole Project Life adventure!  Speaking of adventures, the kids and I tried to stuff as many adventures into last week as possible (John was in Russia).  We kicked off the week at Noah's Ark--a huge outdoor water park.  The trip was for the NHS Swim Team, but Jack got to tag along too.  I couldn't leave him at home on his birthday, could I???  All the high school girls love Jack.  Seriously.  You would never know he was so much younger than them. : )
 We also went on a reading adventure and a trip to Madison.
 As always, there were swim team adventures--we did our annual "kidnap a swimmer" practice, and also got together to paint T-shirts.  I can't believe there is only 2 more weeks of summer swim left!
Another good week is in the books!



  1. Hello, I love all the orange in the pages this week. How fun to pick adventures with your kids, these were great ideas. I bet my kids would love this. Keep enjoying those summer days, thanks for sharing.

  2. these pages are way cool - love all the color in the photos----love checking out other project life players.

    have a crafty week

    one crafty mess

  3. You +Me = Awesome is my favorite. I can hardly wait to see your pages in person and read all you put in printwise.