Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Favorite/Least Favorite Olympic Moments (So Far)


So sorry about the lack of posts this week.  My parents are up here visiting, and I am crazy-busy entertaining and being the world's biggest Olympic geek.  I've got to say, if the Olympics ended today, I'd be completely happy.  Some of my *very favorite* athletes have already found success, and I couldn't be happier for them!  Brendan Hansen (above) came out of retirement, trained his butt off, and won a bronze medal in the 100 breast. Yahoo!! I met Brendan 4 years ago at Trials.  He is one of the most down-to-earth and humble people I have ever met.  He is a fantastic ambassador for the sport of swimming. 

I also met Matt Grevers (below) at Trials.  He swam at Northwestern with my friend, Mike.  I have been a huge Matt Grevers fan since 2008.  He is the nicest guy.  Seriously.  I am so happy that he is taking home a gold medal for the 100 back.  Way to go, Matt!  You deserve all good things that come your way!
And how 'bout that Missy Franklin?!?  Woo-Hoo!  An individual gold in the 100 back!  What a rock star--and a total warrior!  As a swim coach, I know how hard it is to do back-to-back events at a meet.  Missy made it look easy!  Congratulations!!
 And now for my least favorite moment--watching this sweet champion cry after she found out she wasn't going to compete in the all-around:
Poor thing!  I do not understand why only 2 athletes from each country can compete in the all-around.  Especially when she came in 4th overall.  You are a champion, Jordan.  You have so much to be proud of!

How about you--what are your favorite moments so far?

Gosh, I just love the Olympics!!


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  1. ummm all of them!! I am an Olympic geek too :)